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Lighting Design –"Yemei Zohar" banquet hall

In January 2014 Zohar Reuven opened the prestigious venue "Yemei Zohar".

The site, which was used for years as warehouses, has become an elegant banquet hall designed with clean, modern lines.  It can be used for all sorts of events - from private parties to professional gatherings and can hold up to 250 people.


The hall was designed by architect Arieh Lobel in a contemporary style.


The window walls on either side of the hall overlook a tastefully manicured garden


In order to offer different atmospheres or even change the atmosphere during any given event, we installed recessed lighting with RGB LED lights in the ceiling which allow a compete change of color for the whole venue.


Above the dance floor we placed smart lamps which, while illuminating the dancing area, can reach all parts of the hall and include everyone in the party.


Zohar Reuven himself was active in determining the concept of lighting and its central role in the design of the hall. Some decorative lighting fixtures, such as the chandeliers above the stairs and above the bar, were personally selected by him.


The cooperation between the customer's wishes and the lighting designer's design and technical considerations, led to results of which we are all proud. 



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