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Amir Brenner - Lighting Designer

Amir Brenner began his career in the world of lighting over two decades ago, as a lighting technician in theatrical shows and musical concerts. A year later he began studying Theatre design at the Department of theater at Tel-Aviv University


Since then Amir Brenner has designed lighting to more than 400 stage performances for theater, dance, musicals, concerts and commercial events.


In 1999 his career evoled into architectural lighting design, when he designed the lighting for the visitor center "Hamam al Basha" in  'Acre. In that project, as well as the many other architectural projects designed by him since, Amir has skillfully combined, knowledge and experience gained in stage lighting, and applied them into the art and craft of architectural lighting design. Since then Amir has designed dozens of architectural lighting projects.


Amir Brenner has given many lectures in theater and architectural lighting design, during the 12 years he worked as a teacher in the Department of Theatre in Tel Aviv University, and at the  "Kibbutzim college" and was  invited as a guest speaker in his field of practice to the institute of "Bloomfield School of Design and Education " in Haiffa


Today, "Amir Brenner Lighting Design Ltd" focuses on designing light for shopping malls, visitor centers, museums, landscape and environmental lighting, and also in planning of lighting systems for theatre stages and various auditoriums.


The company's uniqueness is expressed in its imagination and bold creativity. In the Combination of architectural and theatrical elements, with a deep understanding of light optics and physies, with an emphasis on obtaining results that answers client's needs to full satisfaction, all while ensuring high-level performance, and working under projects schedules and budget.


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