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The Avnat Mall  

The Avnat Mall (also known as 'Hakanyon hagadol') was the first mall in Petach Tikva.

The mall is owned by 'Kanyonei Israel' who initiated its renovation and the addition of the third shopping floor.

The  new floor was meticulously designed with clean architectural lines, and up-to-date touches such as LCD screens which wrap the building pillars and the use of contemporary materials including silver Barissol and more.

The lighting, placed in existing spaces in the ceiling and walls, was designed to accompany the modern interior design and to highlight the architecture of the building itself.

Another challenge was that 'Kanyonei Israel' required an average light level of 900 lux, which is a high level of luminosity, a level which is complicated to reach without dazzling the customers.

Most of the public area is covered with a skylight with ceilings on either side above the shops.  To accommodate this architectural feature adjustable lighting fixtures of 70 watt power were placed close together at an angle providing the required level of illumination without causing glare.

The third floor shops hold the best brands in the world such as : Amaro, Likrish, Billabong Board Shop, Timberland, H & m, Pull & Bear, Aldo, Accessorize London, Sacks and more. The shops, together with the architectural design and the lighting design give the customer the sense of being on a shopping trip abroad.


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