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Jerusalem Development Authority | Project managers: Yochai Asael, Asi Avshalom | Lighting design : Amir Brenner

A building defined by the authorities as a structure for preservation requires unique consideration in the aspect of lighting design. The official requirements are usually technical, relating to: maximum light level, exposure of authentic exhibits to ultraviolet radiation and avoiding the use of specific radiation wavelengths. There are also to infrastructure restrictions - usually prohibiting quarrying in the structure, which limits the ability of installing lighting fixtures.

Lighting the copper steeple of the tower was a challenge. We used Studio Due Archiled 200 Mono PLUG IN spots - with a narrow beam in a harmonious shade, which were hidden on the sides of the Clock.

They accentuate the texture of the copper steeple, creating a unique silhouette that emphasizes the material and is visible from a distance.


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