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Jerusalem Development Authority | Architect: Arthur Lewis Harmon | Lighting Design: Amir Brenner, Ella Cohen | Project Management: Yochai Asael Asi Avshalom | Photos: Amir Brenner |

Lighting Historical Sites requires a unique approach. The biggest challenge ​​for the lighting designer is what I would call the "will of the building". One must maintain a clean outline with no overt use of modern lighting fixtures that might change the building's nature and uniqueness.

YMCA Building | Jerusalem

One could use hidden lighting, or implant lighting fixtures within existing elements of the building. One should keep in mind the use of restored lighting fixtures according to preliminary research, providing an accurate response to the period in which the structure was built, including the nature and the style of lighting that was acceptable at the time.

We advocate the illumination of fragments and architectural details - each according to its shape, size and material, creating from the illuminated details the image of the entire structure in the dark.

Lighting simulation of the YMCA building

Tower lighting - close up

Completion of the lighting project: May 2021


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