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Lighting Design for the ‘Pipes Bridge’ for Pedestrians and Cyclists in Beersheba

The bridge was part of a Green Project Contest for Architects organized by the city of Been Sheva and the Drainage Authority.  The bridge was designed to pass over the Beer Sheva River bed and cover some large unseemly water pipes.


Architect Rami Marsh won the competition by building a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.


The lighting was designed to create an inviting atmosphere to attract residents and their families to stroll on the bridge and have fun.  On one side of the bridge there is a pedestrian path.  On the other side there is a track for cyclists.  Between the two there are seating areas, 


The main visual attraction are sheets the fabric stretched between the beams of the bridge. The fabric creates shade for the pedestrian path during the day.  At night it reflects changing colored lights.


We used strong light fixtures, the Maya GRB by Aldabra. In choosing the fixtures we had to take into consideration their place in the floor of the bridge and their accessibility to children, so we chose fixtures that do not heat up at all.


To illuminate the pedestrian path itself we embedded long lighting fixtures in the metal beams of the bridge. We used the Matrix lighting fixtures by Aldabra.

The sides of the bridge and the concrete base are illuminated by Aldabra's Hidra fixtures. The entire project, including architecture and lighting design is very successful and has received international appreciation.

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