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Lighting Design for the Medical Library 

While designing the lighting for the Medical Library at Hadassah Hosipital in Ein Karem, Jerusalem, we were in constant dialogue with the archiectural firm of Vivi Astrinsky who planned the project.


We designed lighting to fit various spaces in the library: Public corridors, conference rooms, study areas and of course bookcases.

 one choice was to incorporate round lighting fixtures in a ceiling built of squares.


We created circles of light which break the sequences of squares and correspond with the round tables. We used a quart-circle shaped lighting fixture with a milky cover.For the librarians’ counter we selected three large circular fixtures, each 46 cm in diameter, thus creating an interesting focal point and simultaneously providing ambient light.

By recessing florescent lighting fixtures into the walls and ceiling in the bookshelf area, we created an emphasis on the architectural structure as well as the desired illumination of the books.Reading areas were indicated by lighting fixtures aimed downwards onto to benches and with adjacent lighting directed towards the ceiling.

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