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הצהרת נגישות


Accessibility Statement


In Amir Brenner Lighting Design Ltd. we believe that our services should be available to anyone, and are committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of circumstances and ability.

We work hard to make and maintain this site accessible by following conformance level AA of WCAG 2.0 which is the Israeli standard 5568 by law.

This site audited for accessibility by Migdalor, a multi-service center for blind and visually impaired people and we fixed all issues that found in the audit report.

Please notice that although we are working to maintain this site accessible there might be parts of it that are not accessible enough. If you get into an accessibility issue please contact our accessibility coordinator and describe the issue: 

*** Noa Brener |  | +972-9-8995567  ***

Here is the accessibility we know that we are providing in this site:

  • This site can be view and navigate through different screen sizes and platforms without losing any information.

  • You can enlarge the text keyboard shortcut: "CTRL" and "+" (control plus).  It will enlarge it by 10% each time you press the + (plus) key. To reduce it, use the keyboard shortcut: "CTRL" and "-" (control minus).

  • You can navigate and activate all features on site by using the keyboard only.

  • The pages structure is semantic and conforming to the standard.

  • Assistive technology – this site is accessible and available for screen reader users. For optimal navigation, we recommend using NVDA screen reader or iOS voice over.

  • Hierarchical headings

  • Meaningful description for pictures

  • Visible focus

  • Meaningful and simple focus order

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