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Flagship store and offices of BSH, Maskit St., Herzliya

The flagship store and offices of BSH opened in January 2014 in ‘Maskit’, the new office and shopping building on Maskit Street in Herzliya.

As the exclusive importer of a range of prestigious brands such as BOSH, SIMENS, GUGENHU and CONSTRUCTA, the company has designed the store with a high-end architectural and lighting finish.

Design, construction and production were entrusted to ‘Chernowilski’ with Noam Hai as project manager.


Lighting design was, of course, an integral part of the desire that the showroom have a modern, clean cut design.

Some of the halls reflect the requirements dictated by the brands including the type and shades of light as well as the level of illumination. Other spaces were designed according to the will of the architect, the owner of the company or our own.

All the exhibition areas require a high level of illumination. In order not to lose the plasticity of the space and furniture on display, targeted (rather than general) lighting has been used.


Another important element is the extensive use of hidden lighting strips that create a halo under furniture and behind pictures and signs. This element also helps enhance the feeling of three dimensions in space and furniture.

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