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Lighting Design for the pool and fountain at the entrance to the Tower of David

Even those familiar with the Tower of David often do not notice the jewel of architectural beauty located just before the entrance to the museum. It is a pool designed with a fountain and water channels, surrounded by stone benches and vegetation.Museum officials realized its potential and decided to restore and renovate the complex.


Recognizing the pool’s potential, it was decided to renovate this area by repairing the water system and renovating the garden as well as installing lighting to emphasize the pool’s unique character during the evening and at night.We were asked to design lighting for the pool, the water channels, the stone benches and the surrounding garden.Since this is a conservation site, the challenge was to incorporated elements of lighting and electrical infrastructure without drilling and without dismantling the stones.

To meet the challenge we searched for water-proof lighting fixtures that could be integrated with the architectural elements, without the need for drilling or quarrying. In addition we were asked to use fixtures which would not be noticeable during the day – that is to say, the smallest possible fixtures.The solution for the pool and channels was to use the "Maya " by Aldabra - on one hand their small physical size allowed them to be installed in the spaces between the stones, and on the other hand the intensity and the quality of the light they provide fit the lighting needs required .


To illuminate the stone benches, we used a continuous LED strip by Led Liniar. The uniqueness of this strip is the intensity and continuousness of the light and its high product quality.


In the end we achieved very satisfactory results – subtle intimate lighting which emphasize the important design elements while encouraging visitors to come and sit in this beautiful area.

Those who visit during the day will probably not even notice that lighting fixtures have been installed.


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